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Title: Leather and Lace [1/?]
Author: Liz, aka [ profile] amazonmink  
Characters: Percy Weasley, A Mystery Guest
Rating: Any Age
Word Count: 595
Summary: Percy has his trousers stolen.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JKR. I just have more fun.
Author’s Notes: This drabble was written for  [ profile] jandjsalmon   for her birthday. It started as a drabble, then grew. Hope you enjoy!

His day had started out normally enough. Waking right before the alarm went off, dropping off the bed to stretch and a light bit of exercise. Shave, brush teeth, shower, then back to his room with a towel wrapped around his waist to dress.

Everything had seemed in place. Socks, undershirt, boxers, button up Oxford, tie, trousers. Wait, no, there was something wrong with his trousers. These were not his simple black pinstripe trousers, no. These were black leather, supple and soft. He wasn't completely awake without his first cup of tea in the morning, and they were halfway on before he realized something was off.

Percy chuckled at first, thinking that someone had just changed his trousers out when he was in the shower, and that he would just grab a pair from the wardrobe. Except there were no trousers of any kind hanging up. He had quite a few, no one would ever know that Percy Weasley was a bit of a clothes horse, and they were all gone. The hangers were still on the bar, all precisely two-point-five centimeters from each other, the pressed shirts, the tie hanger: all there.

His lips no longer twitched in amusement, but rather thinned to a straight line as he pulled open his door and made his way down the stairs in boxers and stocking feet, leather trousers held tightly in his left hand, his wand clenched in the other.

"What is the meaning of this?" he demanded as he reached the kitchen, the person he was sure was the culprit of his missing pants sitting serenely at the table, sipping her tea.

"What's the meaning of what, Iggy? Did we decide on a semi-nude look today, because I've got to say, the fact you're wearing nothing but boxers brings out the colour of your eyes," she replied, flicking her dark hair out of her eyes where it was falling out of the messy bun she had it in.

"For Merlin's sake, how many times have I told you not to call me Iggy?" Percy clenched his jaw. He regretted taking truth in that particular game. He squinted at her over his glasses. "Are those my underpants you're wearing?"

"Always one more time, Iggy. And yes, I am. They're quite comfortable, actually. I like the silk on my skin," she wiggled on her seat, just to peeve him. Percy was so easy.

"Where. Are. My. Trousers?"

"You're holding them, doll. I thought it was time for an upgrade. You don't like them?" A wicked gleam came out of hazel eyes.

"What did you do with the others?" Percy could feel his ears going red from her frank appraisal of his chest. He wanted to cover himself, but knew that would only get him teased later. He hoped she hadn't gotten rid of his clothing.

"They're around. You're running late, though, aren't you?" She pointed at the clock that hung over the stove.

Percy snarled and stomped back up the stairs, trying to ignore the snickers coming from the kitchen. He tried transfiguring the leather pants, but they wouldn't stay. His options were go to work in the leather pants, or not go to work.

He couldn't not go to work. Percy had gone to work when he had Dragon Pox and appendicitis. He wasn't about to let a silly pair of trousers keep him, especially since he had a day full of important meetings dealing with regulations on dangerous potions.

He eyed the pants with a resigned sigh.


End Part One
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