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Title: I Don't Know Your Name, So What? [1/1]
Author: Liz aka [ profile] amazonmink 
Characters: Jason [AB], Ginny [HP]
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 237
Summary: Jason makes a typical first impression on Ginny.
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me. I just like to rearrange.
Author’s Notes: This is for Elle [[personal profile] elle_blessing ]. I've never written Jason before. He's fun.

They were exactly the same height. It meant that when she wore heels, like she was tonight, she was taller than him. Jason didn't particularly care, as it meant he was then mostly eye level with her excellent chest.

He'd told as much on the dance floor, hard music pounding around them, and Ginny whipped out this little stick of wood, pressed it to his chest, and narrowed her eyes at him before walking off the dance floor. Walk wasn't really the word, more saunter with a little hint of saucy stomp.

His nose caught and followed her scent of spices and cinnamon, and something else he couldn't quite place. It was like a fresh hint of earth. He went towards her off the dance floor, grinning.

"I would have commented on your wit or intelligence, but they aren't as nicely displayed," he said, finger running along the line of lace.

"Well, it is difficult to find just the right texture of leather for wit. Especially when one's is as sharp as mine." The irritation in her eye was replaced with a hint of amusement.

His finger followed down her arm to her hand, and tugged.

"You should be dancing. With me."

" I'm taller than you," she replied, biting her lower lip.

Jason just laughed. "I believe we've already talked about how that affects me." He tugged harder, setting the red head off balance and against him. "It really isn't a problem."
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