my new suitcase!!!

Jul. 21st, 2017 11:20 am
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I'm here to talk luggage. I bought a new suitcase, and I looooooooove iiiiiiit.

It's an Away, and I learned about it through my coworkers, because it's making the rounds. The most popular one seems to be "The Carry On," which is the smallest one they make. Its dimensions make it allowable on all major airlines (domestic and international) as a carry on. It's super well designed, so it's compact but roomy. It's also got a TSA-approved lock, which means you can lock your suitcase, but it can be opened if necessary by those special keys TSA has, so they don't break your lock. It also has a PHONE CHARGER. That's right, as you're waiting for your flight, you can freaking charge your phone with your suitcase. How awesome is that? I mean, yes, I realize that many major airports have some kind of charging station at the gate these days -- but still, not having to be reliant on those, and not having to jostle with others for a free spot, is pretty awesome. (I assume you can charge pretty much any device if it has a USB hookup.) And it's a pretty big powerbank -- 10000mAh, which is good for charging an iPhone up to five times.

My coworker K. was able to pack her entire 6-day trip to D.C. and fit it into her Carry On, and she also brought SEVEN PAIRS OF SHOES. :O Like, forget for a moment that it's totally crazy to bring seven pairs of shoes on any trip, much less one that lasts for less than a week -- the fact she was able to do that is awesome. To be totally fair, it's not just the suitcase, but also the fact that she -- and everyone else I know these days -- uses packing cubes, but still.

I got "The Bigger Carry On," which is good for all major US airlines and some international. May not fit as a carry on in smaller planes. But it's otherwise got the same benefits as The Carry On. (They also sell checked luggage that doesn't come with a power bank.)

Also, I bought the limited edition Minions one. :D It even comes with a Minions design sleeper bag!

20170716_052603072_iOS 20170716_052306180_iOS

Here's the charger, located at the top near the handle. There are two USB ports, one that's high-speed and the other that's regular-speed.


I cannot wait to travel with it for the first time. Everyone else has loved theirs to pieces, so I'm guessing I will too. :D If this got you excited about a suitcase, here's a link for $20 off (yes, if you buy a suitcase, I get a $20 credit, yadda yadda).

Beauty boxes for June 2017

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:09 pm
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All of my July boxes just arrived, so it's time to take a look at June's! Because I'm perpetually behind!

Why does a year's worth seem like so many... )

Goat update

Jul. 13th, 2017 10:59 am
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Mouse (or Maus, if you want to be picky) is slowly coming back from anemia and her latest flirt with death. Her sister Tuma was headed onto the downslope as well, but I think she'll be fine. Mouse will probably have some growth stunting from this episode, but - if Pan is any indication of recovery - shouldn't suffer any long term effects.

The kids continue to get big and bigger. Blair is still my buddy. William is still gorgeous and LOUD. Poppy is still so so soft. Hix has gone back to hating me since he got his ear tag. Casamir keeps catching his teeth in his fleece. I'm glad they are still baby teeth. He looks a little snaggletoothed at the moment.

Life is a gorgeous, broken gift.

Jul. 11th, 2017 10:12 pm
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I lost a very, very old friend over the weekend.  The illness was sudden, acute, and ultimately fatal.  In less than a week, she was gone.

We weren't so close that her material absence will affect me on a daily basis.  I didn't see her often.  But I respected her, and she had an effect on who I am today. Without her I would be a slightly different version of me, not the me I am.

My own grief and pain is still daily, and pressing.  It's right and fair, it's proof I loved someone, and so it's not something I want to turn away from or bury.  I cared about her, and I am reasonably sure she cared about me, but this is nowhere near as devastating to me as it is for others who knew her better, saw her more, loved her in ways that I did not.  That hurts to see.  All the pain I can't help alleviate in any real way.

So it hurts, yeah, and it is frightening to know that someone so young could die so suddenly -- she was DECADES away from a reasonable age to go.  It's terrifying to watch this happen, knowing how helpless everyone was to stop it, seeing how it left everyone bereft, and how all of us, every one, is going to go through a version of this with someone they love.

That bit, the anxiety over the unavoidable future, is the part that's been hardest to cope with.  I know how to grieve, and grief is not unhealthy.  Anxiety doesn't help anyone.

So yeah, that's been a little rough.

I'm also doing some really hard work in therapy.  Working on old trauma that is holding me back.

And I'm doing some medical stuff that has also been difficult -- I'm over one of the big humps, and things are going so fucking well with that I can hardly believe it, but it was really stressful going in, and there is more difficult stuff ahead of me.  The goal of the therapy is to get me well enough to do it.  I'm not looking forward to it, but it's a thing I'd like to have in the rearview, not the passenger seat.  You know?

I am caught in the middle of a complicated and frightening life that is nevertheless very beautiful.  I am doing well, I am doing poorly, I am doing everything at once, feeling everything at once.  It's hard and it's easy, it's good and it's bad.  It's all so unstable.  All I know is that I don't care how fucked up everything is, I want to be here.  I am happy to be here.  This is a good place to be, even when it's terrible.  I very much want to live.  I am very glad to have a future again.

ETA: She was an organ donor, and that saved lives.  I have registered to become one.  I urge you to consider doing so as well, if you are able.


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